The Sartorialist : Book signing in Paris

The Sartorialist-Colette-Alexia Roche

Saturday afternoon in Paris, The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) had chosen the famous Colette shop for his first book signing ever, L@ was there.

The Sartorialist-Colette 1-A.Roche

Colette was packed with people from various parts of the world who came to meet The Sartorialist for the first time and get his signature on their book copy. With his sharp eye, Scott Schuman has become the pope of street fashion style. He is now very influential in fashion photography and industry. His blog TheSartorialist.com is consistently named one of the top blogs in the world with more than 100 000 visits per day.

The Sartorialist-Colette 2-A.Roche

In front of Colette, people lining up, waiting to get their own book signed.

The Sartorialist-Colette-A.Roche

Scott Schuman signing his book. He was extremely elegant. He was dressed in a dark tennis stripes suit, white pocket square and shirt, and nice tortoise round panto eyeglasses frame.

The Sartorialist-The Book

The Sartorialist, Penguin Books, 512 pages, 25 dollars.

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  1. Isabelle
    7 septembre 2009 à 13 h 53 min

    Thanks,love his pictures, I’m going to buy it asap!

  2. 9 juillet 2010 à 7 h 39 min

    I hope, it’s OK

    • Serge Vandemergel
      9 juillet 2010 à 10 h 21 min

      ok for what?

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